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Adding payment options to your website

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If your an online retailer, life coach, marketing agency, or any other business that provides products or services to your customer, you will benefit greatly by being able to process payments both online and offline. 

Most online retailers that use WordPress as their CMS utilize WooCommerce as their payment platform. It’s a completely free plugin with loads of features but unfortunately the recurring payment feature is behind a $199/year paywall and doesn’t offer membership areas of your website (read below to find what we recommend for membership plugins). WooCommerce integrates with widely used payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe. The more ways you offer your target audience to pay the better! Accepting major credit cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, and Venmo as payment options will help you close your sales and hit your target quota. 

Please make sure your website has SSL before you start accepting online payments. This is a layer of security that prevents hackers from accessing your client’s private data.

So how do we achieve success with your website?

Multiple payment options

Like mentioned in the previous paragraph, you will receive more purchases by offering popular payment options. Depending on your niche, you could offer things such as direct bank transfers, credit card processing, PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin and other payment methods. 56% of your website visitors will expect multiple payment options.

Allow guest checkout

In today's world, we expect fast 1-click checkout systems to satiate our impulsive buying. Long checkouts are the main cause for abandoned carts. For most businesses, your website shouldn't force your customers to sign up to complete their purchase. If you're offering membership services such as personal training, online courses, or coaching, you will most likely want your customers to register so they can access private areas of your website. One way to speed up the process is to offer social media registration such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Another way you can make it easy on your client is to only require essential information to register and proceed to checkout.

Make your website seamless

People are less likely to purchase your product or service if they get redirected to another website or booking service. Keep your customers on your custom branded website! Choosing to keep customers on your website throughout the whole process also helps with your SEO and KPI tracking.

Errors should be easily fixable

There's nothing more infuriating than filling out a long form only to misspell your email and have the form cleared when you go to submit. Good quality websites will remember the user input for each field so errors can easily remedied. A red highlighted field will make it easy to find and fix problems. So when you go to choose your website platform or plugin, make sure your choice allows these features.

Security badges

Certain security badges such as McAfee are more recognizable among website users. Having a security badge will tell your customer that their information is safe when they purchase your product or service, however, most of these services will charge a fee to scan your website. This will make your website feel more legit especially if you're a new website or a small business. Which one do we recommend?

Trusted Site: Starts at $39/month and scales with your number of website visits.

No distractions

When your user has decided to make a purchase and is going through the checkout and payment process, you should keep distractions to a minimum. This means that you shouldn't place ads anywhere on these pages and keep your up sells and recommended products to a minimum. Unfortunately, many large corporations don't follow this rule. My biggest pet peeve is online ordering with Domino's- when I try to checkout and pay, they ask if I want a drink, a cookie, some wings, or breadsticks before I can complete my purchase.

Can I add recurring payment plans to my website?

Let’s face it, hunting down payments is hard! If your business or brand offer’s a service that requires recurring payment plans, you can easily add functionality to your website so you don’t have to keep sending reminders to your clients.

  • You can automate your billing, which means no more cashing checks, running credit cards, or sending invoices every month. That’s a lot less legwork to manage.
  • Since the system is automated, there are fewer late or missing payments.
  • Your customer/donor retention goes up due to inertia – the likelihood that customers will stay because they don’t have to make a new buying decision every month.
  • Payment information stays secure because there’s less duplication/circulation of sensitive information.
  • Fewer awkward conversations with your customers about late or missing payments, which improves your overall relationship.
  • Your cash flow becomes more predictable because you don’t wait on anyone to get paid.
  • Less money spent on materials like paper, envelopes, and stamps.
WordPress has a multitude of plugins that can collect payments monthly or annually and they all vary in cost. Some of these WordPress plugins are free such as WordPress PayPal but they may lack certain features. If you have a members only area of your website, Memberpress plugin is going to be your best option and it starts at $149 per year. It includes Subscription Billing, Payment Integration, Customizable Checkout, Content Protection, Member Management, Content Dripping, Email Reminders, Corporate/Umbrella Accounts, Self-Serve Member Dashboard, Coupons, Autoresponder Integrations, Affiliate Program, and much more!

In conclusion, you can achieve higher sales with automated processes for collecting your client’s payment. Having a fast and easy checkout system on your website will gain you more customers than making them wait for your invoices. Not to mention, having a recurring payment subscription plan will make your life MUCH easier in the long run.

Contact us today to see how we can improve your marketing funnel and increase your sales!

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