Illustrations and patterns are used in all types of media and collateral from logos to t-shirts to billboards and provide a powerful way of making your brand stand out. In essence, illustrations add depth, character, and feeling to your brand that typography, color palette, and logos can’t convey on their own. Not to mention, illustrations can be used to help translate complex ideas and educate your audience.

For this reason, my adaptable style can provide a consistent image for your brand that’s unique and captivating. I’ve been drawing since I was a child and spent all of my scholastic book store money on how-to-draw books. Nothing is better than an art pad and a pencil. My artistic inspiration came from my influential older brother who attended college in Kansas for his art degree. For this reason, I would spend all my time copying his drawings and that provided the foundation for my first art education experience.

Ancient Mayan Diety Sketch Illustration




illustration FAQ

It all depends on various factors. Some illustrations are complex with multiple characters and backgrounds while other illustrations are simple icons. Each illustration quote is customized for each client.

Another determining factor in price is the usage rights. Are you looking for a book cover? Merchandising rights? Complete copyright ownership?

Once I have a better idea of what you’re looking for, I can send you a quote for the services requested.

When hiring an illustrator it is important to understand that the client does not buy the copyright of the work itself but a license to use the illustration, e.g. as cover art. That means that the author does not have unlimited rights to a cover art merely because he/she commissioned the piece.

Usage rights are included in the contract that you will sign before I get started on your project. It will outline the license uses for your particular illustration so you only pay for the rights you need.

If you require additional rights, please let me know in your inquiry so my quote can reflect your needs.

I have over 18 years of experience in designing for Colorado based individuals and businesses world wide. Moreover, I’ve worked with brands of all types and sizes including (but not limited to) realtors, CBD/cannabis companies, healthcare retailers, banks, CFO’s, data science corporations, and cyber security enterprises. With my specialized education and insight, I take time to understand your target consumer regardless of demographic to give your design more impact. My goal is to increase conversions and improve your ROI with effective branding and design.

I believe that my versatile design skills will be an asset to your brand. After all, I’ve helped brands from concept to launch with assets such as logos, websites, marketing material, social media content, t-shirts and more! I consider myself a quadruple threat specializing in web design, print design, marketing, and photography. Essentially, I’m a one-stop-shop for building your brand.

Currently, I only accept PayPal payments. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you may pay your invoice with a guest account using a credit card.

I will inform you of the cost involved and you will be billed for the extra revisions and/or concepts at the END of the project. Payment must be received for the additional costs before you receive your finalized logo or other marketing materials.

I require a 50% non-refundable downpayment on all projects. Once you are satisfied with the service you have received, I will invoice you for the last 50%.

Note: The remainder must be paid before you receive your final files or website passwords.