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Headless Web Development

With headless web development, you create content once and connect it to any front end device.

In the early days of the web development, platforms like WordPress were created to design, store and present content on a website such as text, images and videos. CMS arranged content in a website-oriented framework and put all these elements and codes together in a big bucket, making it impossible for the same content to adapt to other digital platforms because they were clumped together. A headless CMS is a pure back-end content management system built from the ground up as a content repository that makes available content via a RESTful API and can be viewed on any device.

In practice, this means teams can use a single content repository or CMS to deliver content from a single source across endless frontends, platforms, and APIs such as websites, mobile apps, and TVs. A headless CMS is a content management system that provides content and data via an API to any platform or device, rather than linking it to a specific website or mobile app. It has a separate head and body, indicating the content that can take on any shape.

For simple websites such as personal websites and blog templates, providing a traditional CMS is sufficient, but using a headless CMS has real advantages. As devices and channels multiply and differ more, headless solutions offer the flexibility a website needs. Headless solutions are also better positioned to evolve with the changing expectations of modern consumers.

This makes it popular with developers because they have autonomy and creativity to use their favorite tools and are not restricted by traditional CMS limitations. If you’re thinking about creating a website or app using a decoupled CMS, contact me so I can create the perfect web app for your business.

Benefits of headless website development

    • Future proof
    • Easier & faster deployment
    • Supports omnichannel architecture
    • More scalable


My website guarantee

Mobile Friendly

Your website will be effective on both mobile phones and desktop computers so you'll never loose potential customers.

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Lead Generation

With my professional website designs and clear calls to action, you will see an increase in your potential leads.

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100% Custom

I go beyond pasting your brand in a premade template. My websites are completely original and authentic.

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On Page SEO

While I build your site, I will optimize descriptions, titles, and text for specific keywords to get you ranking higher.

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