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SEO Audit

An SEO audit can boost your search engine rankings and attract more revenue and leads from visitors.

SEO audits consists of reviewing technical SEO factors such as content optimization and linking profiles, with the ultimate goal of uncovering problems with a particular website so that you can create a plan to correct them and align the website link profile with established SEO best practices. Beyond technical SEO, it is important to ensure that search engines can access the website and index it before proceeding with an in-depth review of the website. SEO auditing also include conversion detection and user experience problems that can occur on a website.

An SEO auditor will work with you to review the site and make recommendations on what needs fixing, what is wrong and the need to improve the performance of the site for search engines. An audit provides a better insight into the performance, structure, topics, individual pages and overall traffic of a website. Once the audit is finished, I check the steps in your audit list to find any problems that need to be repaired, improved or otherwise improved in order to get your pages back on search engine performance.

There are various tools you can use to perform an SEO audit on a website, but the best approach to doing it is to hire an SEO expert to do the work for you. If you need help with your website SEO, contact me to audit your website for technical errors.

Benefits of SEO audits

The SEO process

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Target Market

The first step is to do a website analysis to determine your current ranking keywords and compare them to your competitors.

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Keyword Research

Next I identify prime target keywords for your brand with clear, defined goals and objectives to increase your website traffic.

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Content Optimization

Once your primary keywords have been identified for optimal growth, I implement your keywords throughout your website content.

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Testing and Measuring

Now I can analyze your search engine rankings for individual keyword performance and prevent stalling by adding new content with more keywords.

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