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eCommerce SEO

Build your brand's eCommerce awareness with top-knotch SEO and increase sales through organic search results.

eCommerce SEO involves a number of strategies to improve the performance of your search engine, including creating keyword-rich content, designing a user-friendly website and optimizing page elements such as page titles and URLs. Technical SEO is the most effective factor for the success of your eCommerce SEO campaign, from keyword research to page optimization. For example, on-page SEO is all about making sure your keywords are in the right place.

eCommerce SEO will ensure that your product pages appear in the top ten organic search results. When it comes to your product pages, I include keywords with high internal search volume on H1 and H2s, body copies and meta descriptions. This will help your keyword-focused products to be placed on search engine results pages. I make sure to use language search terms specifically on key services and product pages.

Writing high-quality content for your product categories can help your eCommerce site rank higher. If you need help with your online store SEO, contact me to get started on writing high level copy for your products.

Benefits of eCommerce SEO

    • Organic results increase ROI
    • Increased brand visibility
    • Attract and retain customers
    • Part of your marketing funnel

My SEO process

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Target Market

The first step is to do a website analysis to determine your current ranking keywords and compare them to your competitors.

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Keyword Research

Next I identify prime target keywords for your brand with clear, defined goals and objectives to increase your website traffic.

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Content Optimization

Once your primary keywords have been identified for optimal growth, I implement your keywords throughout your website content.

Testing & Measuring

Now I can analyze your search engine rankings for individual keyword performance and prevent stalling by adding new content with more keywords.

Get started on optimizing your website with a free consultation from a Colorado SEO expert.