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LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising is a way for you to engage with other businesses and professionals to build your brand.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online database of active professionals in all industries making it a top-notch advertising hub for B2B companies and select B2C brands. LinkedIn advertising offers many opportunities for marketers looking to reach a professional audience. LinkedIn is a powerful social media marketing tool that you can use to promote your company’s branded products and services.

When properly structured, your LinkedIn ads can increase brand awareness, generate interest in your services and even drive new customers to specific landing pages on your website. Once you know what types of ads you want to display on LinkedIn (text ads, video ads, sponsored content or sponsored posts), you need to set them up and use the other LinkedIn targeting options to limit your criteria to your target audience.

LinkedIn can help you design ads that reach your target audience. If you’re targeting business professionals or managers, you can do better with LinkedIn advertising.

LinkedIn has different bidding options available for each of the different types of ads offered through LinkedIn, based on budget and competition – the more advertisers bid on a similar campaign the higher your bid is. If you need help deciding how to properly advertise your brand on LinkedIn, contact me for a free consultation.

Benefits of LinkedIn advertising

My PPC campaigns really work

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Fast Results

My PPC campaigns are guaranteed to see immediate results. While you see instant change, the first three months of your campaign is a testing period.

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Trackable Data

Pay-per-click advertising gives you measurable insights into the performance of your ads allowing you to make critical decisions and increase campaign ROI.

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Audience Targeting

You can easily optimize your PPC ads by targeting specific demographics or search keywords to connect with your customer and drive quality website traffic.

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Brand Visibility

Placing ads in spaces where your audience spends their time is part of the awareness phase of your marketing plan and creates high-converting customers.

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