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White Papers

White papers are a powerful marketing tool that brands can use to attract and educate potential customers and grow their business.

In terms of marketing, white papers can be used to conduct in-depth research on specific topics (such as the status of social marketing) and give brand power to gain the trust of the audience. Because marketers often place white papers in the form of emails, these reports can help achieve goals such as lead generation and sales.

Traditionally, white papers promote products or services, and marketing and sales use it to persuade shoppers to buy one brand instead of another. With the ubiquitous growth and proliferation of content marketing (the creation and distribution of non-promotional content designed to stimulate interest in companies and their products), white papers have become more and more common in other industries. Creating high-quality industry content in the form of white papers can enhance a company’s position in its industry.

One of the main reasons companies can’t use white papers in their content strategies is because they don’t know where those marketing materials end up in the sales funnel. To figure this out, you’ll want to have a digital marketing agency to utilize. Contact me to see how white papers can make your brand an authority in your industry.

Benefits of white papers

My content marketing process

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Subject Expertise

I take the time to understand your brand and provide research into industry trends, customer pain points, and market conditions.

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Your content campaign strategy should be outlined and well planned with measurable and actionable activity monitoring.

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Unique Content

My custom designed and written content will be distinctive to your brand allowing content repurposing for multiple channels.

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Now that you've launched your content, we can see the effectiveness of the campaign and revise our strategy for optimal performance.

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