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Trademark Screening

If you use a name or logo without doing a full trademark screening, you risk infringement of someone else's trademark rights.

Aside from the perfect brand design, you must have an idea of how your business will use it before starting your search. The brand is exclusive – you can prevent other people from using your brand or a similar trademark in your products and services. It is important that you are aware of any trademarked or non-trademarked use that is similar to, or even suggests the use of, your trademark. But you should always do professional trademark research before using and registering a trademark. There are many reasons for conducting a search for a potential trademark, but two of them are to ensure that the trademark is registered more securely before acceptance and to avoid infringing on other rights as a trademark.

Trademark pre-screening is built into my brand naming processes because it can take too much time and money to ask an attorney to do a full search of every possible brand name. Nevertheless, please be aware that any proposed trademark must go through a full authorization search by trademark attorneys prior to use. A trademark consultant can determine the appropriate search volume, sort the search results, and then analyze the results and provide an opinion on brand availability.

My trademark partners can help assess the risk and opportunity of registering a trademark, create a description of products and services, define the appropriate classes for registration and submit your application for trademark registration. Reach out so we can start your brand name trademark screening.

Benefits of trademark screening

My brands are

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Every brand should be unique to their industry and target market. A good brand will stand out and leave a long-lasting positive impression.

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Your brand should be creative from the name to the logo to the message you tell. This will amplify your marketing campaign and build your success.

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Brands should be easy to spell, easy to understand, and easy to pronounce. Difficult and abstract names tend to be harder time being memorable.

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Your brand should be appealing to your target customer. A brand that is likeable creates more engagement and generates more brand awareness.

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