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Brand Naming

Brand naming is one of the most fundamental and powerful elements a company can use to create a growing customer base and value.

Many successful PR agencies and media strategists will tell you that simplicity is one of the most important aspects in your company name. The development of a successful brand starts with a solid strategy based on a careful assessment of your company, your customers and your competitors. Brand naming require a clear economic understanding of the brand’s business strategy, competitive positioning in the markets in which it competes, and expert knowledge of brand protection and processes.

Regardless of the name you want to invent, I take the time to understand the unique goals and needs of your projects. My brand naming process integrates purpose, positioning and inspiration to create compelling brand names that come to life. I believe that a particular name should reflect your company history, product or service offering, brand history, industry and geographic location.

My services include corporate identity and name development, naming research, regulatory design and more. I offer services in the areas of brand strategy, brand name and brand implementation and are known to take on other customized brand work. Reach out to get started on your next branding project.

Benefits of brand naming

My brands are

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Every brand should be unique to their industry and target market. A good brand will stand out and leave a long-lasting positive impression.

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Your brand should be creative from the name to the logo to the message you tell. This will amplify your marketing campaign and build your success.

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Brands should be easy to spell, easy to understand, and easy to pronounce. Difficult and abstract names tend to be harder time being memorable.

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Your brand should be appealing to your target customer. A brand that is likeable creates more engagement and generates more brand awareness.

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