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Level up your marketing game with custom professional branding packages with Colorado's best logo designer.

As a Colorado branding expert, I understand the importance of creating a lasting visual impact. My branding and logo design services are fully customizable to suit every clients’ needs, allowing me to create the perfect message, from the smallest details on up. As a master of brands, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of companies all over the world and help launch several startups.

Your logo is the first impression you get with your target audience. For this reason, it needs to be a unique and memorable experience that properly represents your brand. During the logo design process, I conduct a study of thousands of fonts and illustrations to represent your brand. I can design anything from simple elegant type logos to intricate hand-drawn sporty mascot logos. With my professional logo design, your business will have a new brand identity to proudly display and will be better able to imagine who you are and what is your business doing.

Businesses looking to be successful don’t stop with a killer logo. Your brand identity should be outlined in a brand guide combined with premade templates to optimize your marketing plan. Brand books are equally as important as your logo design. Brand books are a complex overview of your company’s visual and written characterization that revolves around your key traits and core values. These guides are there to ensure that anyone representing your brand provides consistent imagery and tone. Brand books consist of your brand’s history, vision, personality and key values, brand message or mission statement, logo usage, color palette, typography, image style, business card design, letterhead, and more. This is an essential asset to any growing brand.

Once you have a solid brand foundation, the next step of your marketing strategy should be developing your website. Check out my web design services to get started on your next website. To enhance your website, you should build and adapt your SEO using my highly specialized search engine optimization tactics.

Brand Positioning

Your brand is important and if you want to be successful, a top-notch position will help you find your target market. I help find untapped or underutilized markets where your brand has room to grow. Define your strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your competitor(s) to better understand how you should highlight your specialties.

Brand Architecture

Think of brand architecture as a blueprint of your brand’s structure within your organization. Clear and concise brand architecture helps both employees and clients understand the most important components of your brand and how they interact with and relate to one another.

Brand Attributes

A chief factor of marketing success is the development of key attributes that appeal to your specific target audience. I get to know your brand’s target audience and identify attributes they are uniquely drawn to. Correct and consistent development of brand attributes across all media channels helps with brand consistency and aligns your brand’s perceived value with its pricing.

Tone & Voice

Brand tone and voice includes not only what you say as a brand, but the order, rhythm, pace, and message behind the words. Your brand’s tone and voice express the brand’s personality and set of values. Your audience gets a glimpse of the people that make up the brand via their tone and voice.

Name & Tagline

The very first step in the process of business – client relations is an introduction. Your brand’s name and/or tagline are the greeting your clientele receives on first contact. A good brand name and tagline does more than just describe your product or service.

Brand Strategy

Content strategy is a guide for the content you plan, produce, and promote based on your company’s goals and your audience’s needs. Brand strategies consist of a content audit, competitive analysis, audience research, content guidelines, language guidelines, best practice guidelines, copywriting, and more.

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Branding FAQ

As a Longmont, Colorado branding expert & logo designer, I am more than happy to provide in person brand consultations. If you’re based anywhere along the Colorado Front Range such as Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder, Denver, I would love to discuss my branding proposal and go over your business needs and deliverables.

A vector logo is the correct way of making your logo. Rasterized or photographic logos created in programs like Photoshop will not properly scale and results in pixelation. On the other hand, vector logos are mathematically calculated algorithms that display your logo in a pixel perfect format allowing them to be scaled to any size.

Absolutely. While I may reference your left and right competitors, I do not use pre-made clip art or designs with your brand’s logo design. Your logo will be 100% unique to your brand that fits your tone and values. Notably, your logo will not be a widely replicated design you see with logo generators.

Typically logo prices vary based on the designers experience, quality of work, amount of concepts and revisions, and number of assets received. Each graphic designer has their own style of design so I highly recommend that you choose a designer that resonates well with your visual aesthetic.

There’s also a wide variety of free logo generators floating around on the internet. These typically present poor quality and recycled designs. Being a free logo generator, they do not provide editable files, high quality fonts or commercial licensing.

As a rule of thumb- you get what you pay for.

If you’re using your logo for business cards, t-shirts, or any other printed collateral, you’ll need to pay for font licensing. Fonts are copyrighted and protected by intellectual property laws. Font licensing is essentially just a license that allows you to use a font in a specific way.