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Marketing Services

Marketing your business wrong can end up with lost revenue and poor ROI.

I know that marketing can be hard and using a scattershot approach can result in unnecessary losses. That’s why having a planned approach for your marketing is essential for your brand. I have quite a few marketing certifications to demonstrate my ability to properly market your brand through SEO, email marketing, social media and more. Go to my about page to see all the individual marketing certifications I’ve received!

I offer tailored digital marketing services separated into four phases of success.

When developing your marketing plan, it is imperative that you incorporate key performance indicators (KPIs) that match key business objectives. Marketing services should take into account what your business is doing, what you miss out on in terms of the goals you have set yourself and how you are likely to achieve certain marketing-related goals and objectives. By analyzing and implementing your strategy, you have a lot of comprehensive data about what works and what doesn’t work for your brand.

Phase 1

Making your blueprint

Clarity about the competitive landscape, brand position and customers expectations is crucial for developing an effective marketing strategy, fine-tuning marketing messages, maximizing your competitiveness and building a strong brand. A clearly defined and executed brand strategy leads to a uniform brand message, a strong emotional attachment to the customer and a high brand value. A successful brand is implemented across all business functions such as your website to help improve the user experience, competitive advantage and financial performance.

Phase 2

Generating website traffic

When you want to boost your total website traffic and potential clients, you need to concentrate on your inbound and outbound marketing strategy. Search engines are a good source of targeted traffic for all kinds of websites. SEO and PPC advertising can help you tap into the collective advertising power of your audience to increase newsletter subscriptions and sales.

Phase 3

Building brand awareness

Once we’ve established your brand in the market, it’s time for building your engagement. This stage is about connecting with your audience and creating awareness about your product or services through email marketing and social media management. The dialogue with your customers not only helps to build a positive brand awareness, but also to strengthen the relationships between companies and customers. Repeated contact with brand messages creates familiarity and increases customer confidence and willingness to buy.

Phase 4

Evolve your brand

You need insights into the performance of your current content, inspiration for new content, and ways to amplify it for your content marketing efforts to take shape. Once we have enough data to make effective decisions, we can refine your strategy, establish your brand as an authority among your competition, and scale your operations. Through a strategic marketing lens, observing challenges can help to optimize marketing tactics throughout the buyer journey and ensure that your brand resonates at every touchpoint.

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