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Looking to expand your swim school’s reaches online? The internet is one of the best places to promote your swim school and build better brand awareness. However, knowing where to start can be a daunting task and business owners like you can benefit from hiring a marketing expert so you can spend more time focusing on doing what you love most. Finding the right digital marketing service is not always easy, but it’s important. My digital marketing services can help you gain awareness, generate leads and ultimately increase your conversion rates.

I’m a responsive and integrated online marketing freelancer specializing in promoting swimming schools and aquatic centers like yours. My digital marketing services encompass everything you need to reach your business goals using the latest technologies.  I offer a wide range of services, including website design and development, PPC management, social media, content marketing and video production. In the past decade, many online marketing channels have emerged, and more are popping up each day. The most successful companies in this digital age are those which have a strong online presence. A well-thought-out online strategy and large social media following can help your business break away from the pack.

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Swim School Logos & Branding

If you’re looking for a swim school logo design to distinguish your business from the crowd, you’ve come to the right place. Branding is a crucial part of your swim school marketing plan, building trust and authority with prospective clients. With more than 20 years of experience providing swim school logo designs and small business branding, I’m known for superior service and offering absolutely stunning custom logo designs for any company or organization.

Swim schools are in desperate need of professional website design. After all, if you can’t capture the attention of your customers, they will not be able to learn about all the great swimming lessons that are available to their children. A good website design is a must if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Swim school web design services that I provide are unparalleled in design and ease of use. It doesn’t matter where your business is located, my creative web design can create a website to help you grow. As a dedicated expert, I can help you start a successful swim school with unique website designs catered to your school and brand where parents can sign their kids up for swim lessons, pay online, and more!

Swim School Web Design

Swim School SEO

If someone is looking for swim classes in your area, you want your school to come up first. That’s where my swim school search engine optimization comes in. My goal is to get you to the top of Google and other popular search engines so ultimately you get more students in the door. Swim school SEO can be tough, especially if you’re new to the industry. Luckily for you, I have 20 years under our belt in this industry and have helped hundreds of small businesses solve their tough SEO problems. I know exactly what it takes to rank a website with methods that are quick, effective, and proven.

I have worked with many different types of clients in the past to ensure that their online marketing goals are met. It’s my goal to influence your audience, be strategic, and increase awareness for your swim school with PPC services. When using swim school PPC advertising, you are giving yourself an advantage over your competitors. PPC advertising puts your website at the top of search engine results pages when people search for keywords related to your business such as “swim schools near me” or “best swim school in Colorado”. You could also utilize paid advertising campaigns on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram to reach your target audience.

Swim School PPC Advertising

Swim School Social Media Management

Are you looking for expert social media management services for your swim school? My swim school social media management services are tailored to satisfy each and every one of your needs as a swim school owner. With over 20 years of experience behind me, I have a proven track record that speaks for itself. I help swim schools with all of their social media needs by managing your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages while providing you with custom posts based on the time of day and your audience demographics.

Have you tried email marketing to promote your swim school business? Were you happy with the results? If you’re looking to get the most out of your swim school email marketing campaign then as a certified marketing expert, I can help. The process of sending your swim school email marketing campaigns is easy with our dedicated support team. I analyze and implement key points that contribute to your opt-in rates and conversion rates for your swim school. Let me show you how to start segmenting lists, building custom emails, and send targeted communications out to the right students in no time!

Swim School Email Marketing

Swim School Conversion Rate

I’ll speed up the growth of your swimming school, increase new student enrollment, boost your website rankings, increase conversion rates and see faster results with swim school conversion rate optimization. There are many factors that can affect your schools website conversion rates like the products you sell, the services you provide, or your website’s appearance and UX. Presenting your swim related services or products to your customers in simple and clear way make a lot of difference. I can make sure that your website is optimized by analyzing your client behavior and removing any friction points.

Have you ever wished your swim school was more engaging in its content? If you answered “yes”, then you’re no different from many business owners. I know businesses struggle with a lack of fresh ideas for their content marketing strategy. This leads to businesses not getting a ton of visibility for the content they create in social media and other platforms. I help your small business by providing swim school content marketing such as video production, blog posts, social media content, copywriting and more.

Swim School Content Marketing