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Give your customer expertly designed menus that emphasize high margin profits.

Menus are essential tools in the food and service industry to entice your customer. Whether you need a functional one page menu, a multi-page menu, digital TV menus (often seen at McDonalds or Fuzzys) or a big board menus (often seen at Cold Stone or Starbucks), we’ve got you covered. As an expert grpahic designer, I provide exceptional photo editing for your product or service and superior layout design that will guide your customers eyes to the most valuable offerings.
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Benefits of a menu

  • Boost sales with cross-promotion
  • Highlight products with the most profit
  • Speed up ordering process
  • Improve guest experience
  • Portable for table use or takeout

Benefits of a digital menu

  • Ability to use animations
  • Rotating promos
  • Sanitary
  • Saves on printing
  • Update content quickly

My process for the perfect design.

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Discovery Stage

In this stage of my graphic design process, I dig deep into your target audience, goals and overall objectives.

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Design Stage

Here is where I brainstorm and develop your next creative piece of your marketing strategy.

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Review Stage

This stage gives you a chance to review and request edits on your design before it goes into final production.

Launch Stage

Now that I've received final approval, you'll get your brand new design in a ready to use format.

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