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Email Design

The perfect email design can boost your customer engagement and drive revenue.

Email marketing is the most efficient way to ensure small businesses reach out to their customers, grow their customer base and develop their reputation. When you send your content to your email subscribers, you increase your website traffic, your content meets the needs of your audience, you reduce your website bouncing rate, increase page time, drive conversions, hits and other metrics that play a role in your content strategy. Email design and email templates are a flexible and cost-effective way to reach new customers, retain existing customers and encourage repeat visits to the website. Therefore, an email template with a custom design that suits your brand is much more effective for your business than a pre-made template.

Your leading customers are more likely to read your marketing emails and take action with quality email design that embodies your brand’s identity. Contact me to see how I can design your on-brand email design with an effective call to action.

Benefits of email design

  • More professional
  • Shows credibility
  • Lower unsubscribe rates
  • Unlimited possibilities
  • Drives revenue

My process for the perfect design.

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Discovery Stage

In this stage of my graphic design process, I dig deep into your target audience, goals and overall objectives.

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Design Stage

Here is where I brainstorm and develop your next creative piece of your marketing strategy.

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Review Stage

This stage gives you a chance to review and request edits on your design before it goes into final production.

Launch Stage

Now that I've received final approval, you'll get your brand new design in a ready to use format.

Get started on your next design project with a free consultation.