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Direct Mail

Send targeted marketing collateral straight mailboxes in a predefined area with direct mail marketing.

Proper direct mailing with a strong call to action and contact information is a traditional marketing method that never failed. It’s a safe and effective investment and has a higher view rate than email. With my graphic design expertise, I design mail friendly postcards that will drive brand awareness, conversions, and customers to your doorstep.

In this day and age, you don’t need to scattershot your direct mail at every household. You can target specific areas by interests or lifestyle data, past transactions, demographic and geographic data, and even website browsing behavior. If you have a pre-made mailing list, I’d be happy to incorporate it into your delivery area. With postal approved software, I make sure that your direct mail is economical and valid for sending. Contact me to see how I can expand your target market.

Benefits of direct mail

  • Highly targeted
  • Range of formats
  • Tangible collateral
  • Proven track record
  • Customizable
  • Simple execution

My process for the perfect design.

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Discovery Stage

In this stage of my graphic design process, I dig deep into your target audience, goals and overall objectives.

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Design Stage

Here is where I brainstorm and develop your next creative piece of your marketing strategy.

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Review Stage

This stage gives you a chance to review and request edits on your design before it goes into final production.

Launch Stage

Now that I've received final approval, you'll get your brand new design in a ready to use format.

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