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Branding 101

Branding is a powerful tool that helps businesses create an identity and differentiate themselves from the competition. It is a process of creating an attractive, easily recognizable image in consumers’ minds that conveys a story about a company and its products or services. Through strategic brand building, companies can establish trust, build relationships, and gain recognition with their target audience. By combining elements such as visual identity, messaging, customer service, and marketing efforts, businesses can create a unique and memorable brand experience for customers.

Brand Naming

Choosing the appropriate brand name can make a huge difference by creating the foundation for strong connections with customers.

Brand Strategy

This is how a business will show itself to clients, differentiate itself from rivals, and establish rapport with its intended market.

Brand Positioning

It involves creating a unique position in the minds of customers, through an articulation of what the company wants to be seen as.

Brand Attributes

This is reflected in a collection of fundamental characteristics including colors, graphics, fonts, colors, and text.

Brand Association

Brand association is a crucial marketing concept that describes the connections, emotions, and reactions that people experience.

Brand Promise

A corporation makes a commitment to provide customers with an outstanding experience every time they interact with the brand.

What are the benefits of a strong brand?

A magnifying glass enhanced with a magnifying glass icon, perfect for web design and SEO.


Customers can easily recognize your goods or services and form a strong bond with your business when you have great branding.

Two speech bubbles with arrows on them representing branding and web design.


Strong branding helps you stand out in a competitive market and distinguish yourself from your peers by setting you apart from the competition.

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A carefully created brand image that appeals to your audience may increase repeat business and client loyalty.

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A good brand may raise the perceived worth of your business, increasing its appeal to consumers, workers, and investors.

Branding Packages & Pricing

1-2 Weeks
Logo Design
3 Unique Concepts
3 Hours of Revisions
Professional Typography
Color Palette
PNG, SVG, and Editable AI Files
Starts at $200
4-6 Weeks
Brand Guide
Includes Logo Design
Logo Guidelines
Mood Board
& More
Starts at $2,500

Our Testimonials

Cole Don Media loves hearing from our amazing clients about their experiences with our branding and logo design services! Their feedback helps us reach new heights and constantly get better at delivering what they want and need.

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Branding FAQ

A strong brand integrates factual information with its identity, purpose, mission, and fundamental values. Product and service decisions are based on data. Customers are drawn to a company’s clear mission, which also serves as its guiding principle. Customers and staff are united by core values. As a result, the brand becomes powerful and recognizable.


It’s exciting to undergo the logo design process for a new business! It begins with getting to know the client’s business, researching the industry and competitors, and creating logo concepts. To begin, we’ll start with a sketchbook and pose important questions about the relevance of the brand and the necessity for the logo. After that, we will investigate the brand in order to find inspiration for the colors, fonts, and symbols that elicit psychological reactions consistent with the mission, fundamental principles, and overarching message.


The difference between brand identity and brand image is clear. Brand identity represents a company’s reality, including its vision, mission, core values and objectives. On the other hand, brand image is the opinion consumers have of a brand, based on their experiences with it. Brand identity is how a business wants to be perceived by its customers, while brand image is how customers actually perceive the brand. By understanding these two concepts and tweaking them accordingly, businesses can create an effective marketing strategy to reach their target audiences.


To ensure that a logo accurately represents a brand, it is important to pay attention to details. Start by asking questions such as: does the logo embody the brand itself, is the logo aesthetically pleasing, and does it accurately reflect the vibe of the brand? Lastly, consider involving your target audience in the process and take their feedback into account. By doing this, you can be confident that your logo accurately reflects your brand.


When it comes to developing a brand strategy, we like to start by reviewing business goals and objectives. From there, we determine what the company is hoping to achieve from its branding efforts and then narrow down the target market and niche(s). After that, we create a brand vision with a set of core values that will drive the brand. Then we create a positioning statement that outlines what makes the brand unique. After all of this is done, we create a visual identity that conveys the brand’s message and aligns with its vision. Finally, we develop messaging for all communication channels that help promote awareness of the business and products. With this comprehensive approach, we are able to create a powerful brand strategy that attracts the right customers and drives organic traffic.


Our approach is to proactively manage the design revision process and teach clients how to provide helpful design feedback so we can reduce revisions. First off, we let the client know how we want them to send edits. Then, we either schedule a call or message the client to clarify the request. If we feel the changes will go against the client’s originally-stated goals, we speak up. Moreover, we remind clients how many rounds of revisions are included in the scope of work. To ensure that we’re on the right track, we start by providing 3 concepts which we then discuss in detail; this also helps us predict any potential concerns. Finally, asking for feedback early when the design is still in progress is a great way to make sure everything goes smoothly!


The choice of colors is crucial when creating a logo! Colors may be utilized to draw customers and influence how they feel about a business since they cause various emotions in individuals. Blue evokes thoughts of security, professionalism, and devotion, whereas red may be employed to portray a sense of enthusiasm and excitement. The appropriate color combinations in your logo may draw attention to your company’s advantages and increase brand recognition. The use of color is an essential component of logo design, so you should carefully consider it and how it may influence how people view your company.