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Why does my logo matter?

First impressions are important.

All businesses need a logo to build their brand. Even if you don’t go straight for a comprehensive brand book, a well designed logo can get you far with your marketing efforts. Logos are made of text, icons, mascots, or a combination of these visual identifiers. They should properly represent your brand but stand out from your competitors with unique typography or artwork.

How do logos work?

Logos tell your story

Your logo should be your visual identity that helps convey your story, core values, mission, or vision. Logos tell your target audience who you are, what you sell, and what benefits you can offer.

The design should be aesthetically pleasing to you and your consumer. For example, fly fishing businesses typically use fish illustrations in their logo, recipe blogs use food illustrations, and libraries use books to show what their business is about at a glance. You could even use other aspects or allusions of your business to use for illustrations. If you're located in the Rocky Mountains, you might use a mountain range since it shows your location/service area.

Do all brands need an icon or illustration? Absolutely not! Many brands use simple but effective minimalist text logos to feel upscale.

Logos build trust

While it might take you a few decades to become the next Coca Cola or Nike, having something memorable about your logo is a good idea. Logos create a visual memory that your audience can associate with your brand.

Some logos are so powerful and well-known that you no longer need the name to recognize the brand such as Apple, McDonald's, Starbucks, or Microsoft. Brand loyalty is huge and something every business needs to foster. A recognizable and familiar logo goes a long way toward building brand loyalty.

People are drawn to aesthetically pleasing colors and design. In today's saturated world it may be hard to capture your customers interest with anything less than a stellar design. The best way to achieve success is to hire a professional to create your logo. Free logo makers/generators are low quality and propogate recycled designs that will ultimately hurt your marketing attempts because they are neither unique nor represent your brand properly. People will question the quality of your core business products/services.

Logos distinguish you from your competitors

While you may want to replicate the success that your competitors experience, you don't want to copy them. You have to think about what makes you different from your peers and capitalize on it! It's your chance to show your customers why you're the better choice. This helps you build brand loyalty and recognition because while you may be the 50th coffee shop in town, your earthy green logo shows your commitment to a sustainable environment using recyclable products and non-plastic straws.

If you’re a startup, or simply don’t have a logo yet, you could supercharge your marketing with a well designed logo.

Contact us today to see how we can help your brand succeed with our branding services.

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