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Top CMS Choices for Small Business Websites

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If you’re looking to build a website for your small business, you’re in luck! There are several great CMS options available that can meet your needs.

WordPress is highly customizable and comes with a wide range of apps.

Squarespace offers professional themes and a drag-and-drop builder for easy website creation.

HubSpot CMS provides extensive features and support.

Kentico allows for easy user management and Google integrations.

Wix offers customizable options with a user-friendly interface.

With these options, you can find the perfect CMS to take your small business’s online presence to the next level.


WordPress is a highly customizable and popular choice for small business websites. It offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of app options that allow you to create a professional and functional website. With over 50,000 additional apps, you can easily customize your site to meet your specific needs, whether it’s adding a contact form, integrating social media buttons, or setting up an e-commerce platform.

One of the great things about WordPress is its prebuilt templates, which make website management easy, even if you don’t have much technical expertise. You can easily update your content, add new pages, or change your website’s design without any hassle.

WordPress also excels in its ability to integrate with existing software. Whether you use CRM software or email marketing tools, WordPress can seamlessly sync with them, streamlining your business operations. Additionally, WordPress powers around 43% of all websites on the internet, making it a trusted choice for small businesses.

When it comes to web hosting and domain names, WordPress offers a range of options to suit your budget and requirements. You can choose from various hosting providers and domain registrars, ensuring that your website is accessible to your target audience.

With WordPress, you have the power to design and develop a website that not only looks professional but also functions seamlessly to drive your business forward.


Squarespace is a popular choice for small businesses looking to create visually appealing websites. It offers professional themes and templates with easy-to-use drag-and-drop technology. Here are some key features that make Squarespace an excellent CMS platform for small businesses:

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth: With Squarespace, you can upload as much content as you need without worrying about running out of space. It also ensures fast loading times, even with high web traffic.
  • Integrated e-commerce tools: Squarespace makes it easy to set up online stores and sell products or services. You can manage inventory, process payments, and track orders all in one place.
  • In-built email marketing capabilities: Squarespace simplifies the process of creating and sending email campaigns. You can build your subscriber list, design beautiful newsletters, and track the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.
  • Clean and visually stunning design: Squarespace offers sleek and modern design options, making it a popular choice for creative professionals and media-rich websites. You can achieve a professional look without any coding.
  • SSL certification for website protection: Squarespace prioritizes security and provides SSL certification to keep your website and customer data safe. This ensures that your small business website is trusted and protected against potential threats.

With Squarespace’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, you have complete control over your website design and editing. Whether you’re creating web pages or managing your website, Squarespace simplifies the process, making it an ideal choice for small businesses.

HubSpot CMS

HubSpot CMS is an excellent choice for small businesses looking for a user-friendly CMS platform with extensive features and great support. It’s specifically designed to make website management easy and efficient for small businesses.

One standout feature of HubSpot CMS is its A/B testing capability for webpages. This allows users to experiment with different versions of their webpages and determine which one performs better. This feature is particularly useful for small businesses that want to optimize their website and improve their conversion rates.

HubSpot CMS also offers automatic optimization for search engines. This means that your website pages will be automatically optimized for search engine rankings, helping you improve your online visibility and attract more organic traffic. Additionally, HubSpot CMS provides valuable SEO tips and recommendations to further enhance your website’s search engine optimization.

Another advantage of HubSpot CMS is its seamless integration with HubSpot’s marketing and CRM tools. This makes it a comprehensive solution for businesses focused on inbound marketing. The user-friendly interface allows users to easily create and manage website content without the need for coding knowledge or technical expertise.

Unlike some other CMS platforms, HubSpot CMS is designed to minimize the learning curve. It provides a straightforward and intuitive interface that allows users to quickly get up to speed and start creating their website. This makes it an ideal choice for small businesses that want to get their website up and running quickly and efficiently.


Kentico offers a comprehensive content management system (CMS) solution for small businesses, providing a wide range of features and functionalities to streamline website management. With Kentico, small business owners have the power to efficiently and effectively create and manage their website.

Here are three key reasons why Kentico is a top choice for small business websites:

  • User-friendly interface: Kentico provides a straightforward and easy-to-use interface that allows small business owners to effortlessly manage their website content. You can easily update and publish new content, add images and videos, and customize the look and feel of your website.
  • Flexible and scalable: Whether your small business is just starting out or experiencing rapid growth, Kentico can adapt to your needs. It offers a scalable platform that can handle increasing website traffic and content volume. You can easily add new pages, products, and features as your business expands.
  • Integrated marketing features: Kentico includes a range of integrated marketing features to help small businesses drive traffic and engage with their audience. From search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing to social media integration and analytics, Kentico provides the tools you need to promote your business and measure your online success.


Webflow is a user-friendly content management system designed for designers and marketers. It’s a great choice for small business websites, offering a range of powerful tools and features. With Webflow, you can effortlessly create stunning and interactive websites without any coding knowledge.

One of the standout features of Webflow is its drag and drop functionality, which makes building websites a breeze. Simply select and place elements on your page, and Webflow takes care of generating the necessary code in the background. This allows you to focus on the visual design and user experience, while Webflow handles the technical aspects.

Webflow offers a variety of hosting plans to suit different needs and budgets. Whether you’re just starting out or running a large-scale website, there’s a plan for you. The hosting plans include features like SSL certifications, user permissions, and backups, ensuring the security and reliability of your website.

When it comes to pricing, Webflow offers transparent and flexible plans. You can choose between monthly and annual subscriptions, with different pricing tiers based on your requirements. This allows you to scale your website and digital experiences as your business grows.


Joomla is a highly recommended content management system (CMS) for small businesses. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows business owners to easily manage and optimize their website’s content, even without technical expertise.

One of the great features of Joomla is its wide range of templates and extensions. These allow you to customize your website according to your specific business needs. Whether you’re looking for a professional layout or specific functionality, Joomla has plenty of options to choose from.

For small businesses planning to sell products or services online, Joomla also provides robust e-commerce capabilities. You can set up an online store, manage inventory, process payments, and track orders all within the Joomla platform.

Joomla has a strong community of developers and users who contribute to its constant improvement. Regular updates are released to ensure security, stability, and the addition of new features. This makes Joomla a reliable and future-proof choice for small business websites.

If your small business targets a global audience, Joomla also offers multilingual capabilities. You can create a website that supports multiple languages, allowing you to reach a wider customer base.


When it comes to choosing the right CMS for your small business website, it’s important to find a balance between customization, user-friendliness, and support. There are several options available that can meet your needs.

One popular choice is WordPress, which offers a high level of customization. You can easily create a unique website with a wide range of themes and plugins. WordPress also has a large community of users who can provide support and guidance.

Another option is Squarespace, which offers professional themes that are easy to customize. With Squarespace, you can create a polished website without needing extensive technical knowledge. The platform also provides support and resources to help you along the way.

If you’re looking for extensive features, HubSpot CMS is worth considering. It offers a range of tools for marketing, sales, and customer service. With HubSpot CMS, you can create a website that integrates seamlessly with your overall business strategy.

For easy setup, Kentico is a good choice. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly build and launch your website. Kentico also offers support and training to help you get the most out of the platform.

Lastly, Wix offers customizable options for your website. It has a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to design and customize your site. Wix also has a variety of templates and apps to enhance your website’s functionality.

In conclusion, there are several CMS options available for small businesses. Consider your specific needs and choose the platform that best aligns with your goals. With the right CMS, you can take your website to the next level and achieve online success.

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