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5 Student Retention Tips for Dance Studio Owners

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5 Student Retention Tips for Dance Studio Owners

As a studio dance owner, it is important to attract and keep new students. It is essential to inspire them and make them keep coming back. To do this, you need to create an environment that makes the students feel welcome and comfortable. You should also offer classes that are fun and challenging so the students will want to stay with you. You should also make sure your classroom is well organized and that your teachers are knowledgeable about the dance forms they teach. Lastly, it is important to be aware of why some of your existing students may be leaving and try to address those issues in order to retain as many of them as possible. By taking these steps, you can help ensure that your studio dance business continues to thrive for years to come. Here’s 5 in-depth tips to keep your students motivated.

1. Create a Realistic Dance Studio Business Plan

Creating a realistic business plan is an important part of owning and running a successful business. It should include your vision for the studio, the types of classes you want to offer, the services that will be offered, marketing strategies and financial goals. Your plan should also include an analysis of your competition and how you will stand out from them. You need to make sure that you have enough space for your classes, great teachers that have experience teaching different styles and have knowledge in different areas such as music theory, choreography, and performance skills. In addition to having great teachers, it is important to have quality equipment that is necessary for teaching students about particular dance styles. Taking the time to create a realistic business plan is essential if you want success with your dance studio.

Example Business Plan:

Executive Summary:

The dance studio business plan is for a company that will provide a wide range of dance classes for individuals of all ages and skill levels. The studio will offer both group classes and private lessons in various styles of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary. The studio will also provide performance opportunities for students and host annual recitals.

Company Description:

The dance studio will be a sole proprietorship owned and operated by [Owner’s Name]. The studio will be located in [City], [State] in a highly visible and easily accessible location.

Market Analysis:

The dance studio will target the following customer segments:

  • Children and teens who are interested in taking dance classes as a form of recreation or as a way to prepare for a career in dance.
  • Adults who are interested in taking dance classes as a form of exercise, to learn a new skill, or to fulfill a lifelong dream.
  • Dance schools and organizations that are in need of a performance space for recitals and other events.

Marketing and Sales:

  • Advertising in local newspapers, online classifieds, and on social media.
  • Partnering with local schools and community organizations to offer classes and workshops.
  • Offering free trial classes for prospective students.
  • Hosting annual recitals and other performance opportunities for students.


  • Hiring experienced and qualified dance instructors.
  • Maintaining a clean and safe facility.
  • Offering a wide range of dance classes and styles to meet the needs of a diverse student population.
  • Offering private lessons and workshops in addition to group classes.

Financial Projections:

  • The dance studio will generate revenue through tuition and fees for classes, private lessons, and workshops.
  • The studio will also generate revenue through the rental of the facility for recitals and other events.
  • The studio will incur expenses for rent, utilities, instructors’ salaries, advertising, and other miscellaneous costs.
  • The studio is projected to generate a profit within the first year of operation.


The dance studio business plan outlines a comprehensive strategy for creating and operating a successful dance studio. With a focus on providing quality instruction, a safe and clean facility, and a wide range of dance classes, the studio is poised for success. Additionally, through effective marketing and sales strategies, the studio will be able to attract a diverse student population and generate a profit in its first year of operation.

3. Invest in Dance Studio Management Software

Dance studios should consider investing in a dance studio software to improve their operations. This software can help maintain the studio’s schedule, manage front desk operations, and provide powerful marketing tools to support enrollment growth. With a good dance studio software, staff members can easily register students for classes, process payments, and create reports for tracking performance. It also allows for easy communication with customers and staff so that everyone is always up to date. Not only does this improve efficiency but also makes running the studio much easier and more organized. Investing in dance studio software will save time and money while providing a great benefit to both the studio and its customers.

Are you looking for the best Dance Studio Software of 2023? Here are eight of the top contenders to consider:

  1. GoMotion: GoMotion is a dance studio and gymnastics software that helps businesses manage registrations, classes, members, payments and accounting.
  2. Jackrabbit Dance: Jackrabbit Dance lets you focus on what you love – dance. Their affordable dance studio management software delivers online registration and customer management, as well as keeping track of client memberships.
  3. bsport: bsport offers an easy-to-use platform that helps you streamline your dance studio business. You can use bsport to manage memberships, classes, payments and more.
  4. Jumbula: Jumbula is a cloud-based studio management solution that helps you manage customer relationships and track payments and class attendance. It is available for $100/month, making it one of the most affordable options.
  5. Sawyer: Sawyer is a comprehensive and intuitive dance studio software that makes it easy to manage classes, events and customers. It also includes features to help you promote your studio and engage with customers.
  6. Captyn: Captyn is an online dance studio management software that helps you manage bookings, payments and memberships. It also includes features to help you communicate with customers, track attendance and more.
  7. Mindbody: Mindbody dance school software makes it easy to book classes and lessons on the Mindbody and ClassPass apps, your website, or via your own custom app.
  8. DanceStudio-Pro: DanceStudio-Pro is the world’s best dance studio software for saving money, streamlining operations, and growing your dance business with ease. It’s used by many types of dance studios such as Pole dancing, Zumba, Classical dance, and more.

4. Offer a Rewards Program To Retain Current Students

Offering a rewards program for your dance studio is an excellent way to show appreciation for your dancers and encourage student retention. The rewards can be based on progression, registration, or loyalty. You can offer discounts on class fees, merchandise from the studio, or even a private lesson with the instructor as prizes. You can also tip off your students about upcoming events or workshops that are coming up in the studio. This will help to keep their enthusiasm and interest high, while also giving them an incentive to stay loyal to your studio. With a rewards program in place, it becomes easier to retain and attract more dancers, making it easier for your business to grow and succeed.

Some Rewards Program Ideas

  • Exercise: Reward dancers with an extra class, or a discount on their next month’s tuition, for attending class regularly and staying active.
  • Creative Movement: Offer students the chance to keep the yard sign all month long, or earn a certificate for a job well done to put on their fridge.
  • Free Dance Classes: Offer friends of your dancers a $50 discount for joining the studio, and reward your dancers with a free class or two for referring them.
  • Star System: Encourage your dancers to reach milestones throughout the year by offering them a “star system”—when they’ve earned five stars, they get a dance party!
  • Ticket Rewards: Reward students who show up on time for class in the appropriate attire and hair style with a ticket that can be redeemed for discounts on classes or merchandise in your studio store.
  • Special Perks: After 20 visits to the studio, give your dancers a free drink and snack as a reward for their loyalty.

5. Surprise Your Dancers With New Marketing Strategies

Surprising your dancers is an excellent way to keep your students motivated and to increase student retention in the dance studio. There are many tips to help you surprise and reward your dancers. You could offer free classes, discounts on dancewear or merch, and special performances. You could consider offering a fun event such as a movie night or a potluck dinner. The key is to create something new and exciting that will show your dancers how much you appreciate them. By providing unexpected rewards like these, you can build loyalty among your students and ensure that they stay with you for years to come. Keep in mind that when it comes to retention tips for dance studios, surprising your dancers should always be at the top of the list!

Some Tips to Increase Enrollment And Boost Student Retention Rates

  • Make your Dance Studio a Home Away from Home with Potluck Dinners: Invite your students to bring a dish and get to know each other in a more relaxed environment.
  • Get into the Spirit of the Season with Halloween Trunk or Treats: Have your students come dressed up for a fun trunk or treat event with candy, decorations, and more!
  • Offer Holiday Sales: Give your students an incentive to keep coming back next season by offering special discounts and deals on holiday merchandise.
  • Create a Bring a Friend Day: Encourage your students to bring a peer by offering incentives like discounts or free classes.
  • Host Contests with Prizes: Hold competitions with exciting prizes like tickets to the movies or a gift card to their favorite restaurant.
  • Appoint “Ambassadors”: Ask some of your more experienced students to become ambassadors and act as ambassadors to promote your studio and help welcome new students.
  • Offer Summer Camps: Take advantage of the summer months by offering special camps for kids to learn more about different styles of dance and have fun!
  • Reward Referrals: Give discounts to students who refer new students to your studio as a way to thank them for spreading the word.
  • Have Movie Nights: Show family-friendly movies in the studio and offer refreshments for a fun night for everyone.
  • Host Birthday Parties: Offer packages for birthday parties at your studio with games, decorations, and dance instruction for a memorable celebration.

Additional resources for dance studio owners

As a dance studio owner, you have a lot of responsibilities and it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends. A great way to do this is by using additional resources such as blogs and podcasts related to dancing and studio ownership. Additionally, there are many tips that can help you succeed in running your studio. These include marketing strategies, staying organized, and making sure your studio maintains a professional atmosphere. As a business owner, it is key to stay informed on the latest industry news and trends so you can make the most out of your business opportunities. By utilizing these resources, you will be able to better manage your business and ensure its success.




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